MIU PET nylon dog leash
  • MIU PET nylon dog leash
  • MIU PET nylon dog leash
  • MIU PET nylon dog leash
  • MIU PET nylon dog leash
  • MIU PET nylon dog leash

MIU PET Dual-use Durable and Sturdy Nylon Dog Lead Leash (Standard - 6ft)

A practical dual-functional nylon leash in high quality, used as both traditional nylon leash and running dog leash

US$ 9.99  

Color:Standard - 6ft


Product Description:

DURABLE & QUALITY: It is made of high quality polypropylene material, not only looks stylish but also super strong. It's very appealing and feels very comfortable to use.

UNIQUE DUAL-FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: It is not only a general dog leash but also could used as a running dog leash. There are two separate handle parts. One is the common handle for your walking dog. The other part is connected with a plastic buckle and a metal clasp. So you could just tie it on your belt without holding the handle when you run or climb the mountain.

ADJUSTABLE LENGTH:It is 1 inch wide, with buffer rope part of 9.4 inches and adjustable length from 15 inches to 30 inches except the fixed handle length (9.8 inches & 6.3 inches)

High quality metal snap hook: Strong lead with heavy duty nickel-plated snap hook connecting dog collar to ensure your dog's safety.

A comfortable, strong and practical dog leash is necessary for every pet owner. Our MIU PET dual-use dog leash provides a more convenient experience for you. Based on the traditional dog leash, we added a new element. There will be an extra webbing connected with a mountaineering buckle. So when you don't want to hold the handle, you could just tie it in your belt. It could also be used as running leash.

Brand: MIU PET
Product Size: Fixed length (9.8 inches & 6.3 inches) + Adjustable length (2.8 feet -5.6 feet)



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