MIU PET running leash set
  • MIU PET running leash set
  • MIU PET running leash set
  • MIU PET running leash set
  • MIU PET running leash set
  • MIU PET running leash set

MIU PET Hand Free Dog Leash Set for walking, Running and Hiking, Wide Thickening Comfortable Adjusta...

Most comfortable and practical running dog leash set

US$ 19.99  

Color:Large Belt/Bungee - 4.3ft

DURABLE QUALITY MATERIAL: our belts and dog leashes are all made of durable polypropylene material in super quality. It is much superior no matter in appearance or touching, makes you and your dog more enjoyable when walking or running.

★UNIQUE DUAL-FUNCTION LEASH - There are two separate handle parts. One is the common handle for your walking dog. The other part is connected with a plastic buckle and a metal mountaineering buckle. So you could hold the handle while walking your dog. But when you are going to running or hiking, you could just tie it on your belt and release your hand.

★There are two kinds of dog leash for your choice, standard one and bungee one. The standard one is 1 inch wide, with adjustable length from 2.8 feet to 5.6 feet except the fixed handle length (9.8 inches & 6.3 inches). The bungee leash is 1 inch wide, with buffer rope part of 9.4 inches and adjustable length from 15 inches to 30 inches except the fixed handle length (9.8 inches & 6.3 inches). You could choose the set according to your needs.

★Adjustable Wide and Comfortable Belt. In order to add comfort, our belt is specially widened and thickened, effectively reduce the constraint sense, at the same time the belt has a good effect on protecting the waist. There are two reflective lines in the belt, which will make it a little bit safer for your walking or running at night. There are two sizes of the belts, one is fixed 2.6 feet + adjustable 0.6-0.9 feet. The large one is fixed 2.9 feet + adjustable 0.6-0.9 feet. So you could choose the suitable size according to your body condition.


Product specifications:
Small Running belt: Fixed 2.6 feet + Adjustable 0.6-0.9 feet
Large Running belt: Fixed 2.9 feet + Adjustable 0.6-0.9 feet
Standard dog leash: Fixed 9.8 inches & 6.3 inches + Adjustable 2.8 - 5.6 feet
Bungee dog Leash: Fixed 9.8 inches & 6.3 inches + Bungee 9.4 inches + Adjustable 15-30 inches

Package included:
1 * MIU PET Running Belt
1 * MIU PET Dual-use dog leash
1 * Practical Waist Bags




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